sunday service 9.24.17

by | Sep 24, 2017

First Sunday of autumn and the heat has decided to make a reprisal. The air conditioner is running at 5:34 am as I write this. On the porch, I can hear the hum of them from everyone on the block. No quiet repose with the crickets this morning.

But I have faith in the path we are traveling around the sun. Faith in the pendulum between yin and yang. Faith, too, that behind every darkness, there is light.

Even behind stubbing my pinky toe on the coffee table, there is light.

Behind spilling coffee on the desk, behind forgetting to put the trash out at the curb, behind letting the grass grow too long, behind dreadfully long hairs on my legs – there is light.

Behind storms and quakes, behind terrible leadership, behind unkind words, behind fatal mistakes and disillusioned youth – there is light.

Behind the bathroom scale, behind the divorce still ringing in the ears, behind the debt and the day-job and the dust-bunnies under the sofa – there is light.

Behind loneliness and fear, behind anger and frustration, behind boredom and craving, behind every single, tiny shadow of doubt or worry – light.

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Sunday Service is a recurring community feature and you are invited to join the party!

Regardless of faith, prayer is a beautiful thing. It can be grateful, it can be joyful, it can be a question, it can be a song. This is a place where your writing can be your prayer, an open door for higher wisdom to ‘runneth over.’

Use the post to the right as an invitation to write your own Sunday Service or capture an image that elicits a stirring in your soul. Keep it short, make it washed in your truth. Write it for you, not for us.

But then share it with us. Trust us. Your words are important to us.

Post your writing or a link to your writing/photo in the comments below.

Or, if you share on social media, use the hashtag #sundayservice to allow us to find you, follow you, sing with you.


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