sunday service 10.1.17

by | Oct 1, 2017

Here we are – October. And rain is falling in the darkness before the sun comes around on this day.

I set off on a new adventure with some friends today, a kind of photo challenge or maybe a better term is ‘moment hunting’. Each week, I offer up a tiny writing prompt as well. This week: It’s in the small things.

Yes, indeed. It’s in the bud that decided to bloom before it’s too late.

It’s in the meeting of the eyes, the quick smile, between strangers in the supermarket.

It’s in the tiny slivers of grass caught in my shoe after taking a shortcut through the park.

It’s in the pinch of sweet relish my dad adds to a chicken salad sandwich.

It’s in the way the rain drips from the gutter at 93 bpm.

It’s in the way a pot of chili on the stove makes the whole house smell like an autumn Sunday.

It’s in those last two words of a poem read aloud. It’s in the silly little photograph I forgot I took. It’s in the way Debussy interrupts Indigo Girls and Foo Fighters on my playlist.

It’s in the leaf mid-air, the sunbeam sneaking in between the window shades, the little girl singing and spinning in her front yard across the street.

It’s in the first sip of coffee and the last piece of chocolate. It’s in reds and yellows, sweet and tart, earth and smoke. It rides in on the chill and waits in the sheepskin slippers mom gave me last Christmas.

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Sunday Service is a recurring community feature and you are invited to join the party!

Regardless of faith, prayer is a beautiful thing. It can be grateful, it can be joyful, it can be a question, it can be a song. This is a place where your writing can be your prayer, an open door for higher wisdom to ‘runneth over.’

Use the post to the right as an invitation to write your own Sunday Service or capture an image that elicits a stirring in your soul. Keep it short, make it washed in your truth. Write it for you, not for us.

But then share it with us. Trust us. Your words are important to us.

Post your writing or a link to your writing/photo in the comments below.

Or, if you share on social media, use the hashtag #sundayservice to allow us to find you, follow you, sing with you.


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