I always look forward to your letters, Cyn. The images and writing are beautiful and real and welcome when most everything else in the inbox is rubbish. Thank you for taking such care of your readers.  -Kristi

Once or twice a month I send some Inbox Love to my dearest readers and friends. Sure, I love telling you the news, what workshops are coming up, that kind of thing. But it’s important to me to really connect with you, to write you a letter you look forward to receiving, to share what’s happening in my heart, not just my business. I want to share my own insights and discoveries with you in a way that requires a tiny bit of courage – and maybe that small courage is an invitation for your courage.

And you can be sure I’m always on the other end of these letters – simply hit REPLY and I am right by your side.



I always say, the magical ingredient in all we do is the sharing. The cure for everything is connection.

The world is a big place. I want to make it easier for all of us to gather, to share our images and writing together. I want to create a welcome space for storytelling and support. I want to create a place of healing and generosity. Not a place of critique or competition – a place of truth, a place of beauty, a place of insight.

So you’re invited to come sit ’round the FIRE CIRCLE with some friends. There will be prompts and poems and open-hearted exchanges.

While current workshop members have their own very private forum via Ning App, a space just for them to connect and share with each other, the FIRE CIRCLE private group is open to all OI+I friends, workshop alumni, Anytime Lab writers, 28 Frames photographers, peer writing teachers and others. Take a peek and let me know if you would like to join us!

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