"Get in the habit of welcoming your own words. You are making a map of the days you live."

Naomi shihab Nye

On this adventure, we’ll ‘meet at the trailhead’ to do a little meditation and create some writing ‘firestarters’ together. We’ll get our bearings by listening to a poem or other source of inspiration.

From there, we write, each of us choosing a different path – no wrong way to go, just our own road ahead leading us through the forest of our stories, our thoughts, our truth.

When the writing is complete, we’ll ‘circle up around the fire’ to tell each other what we saw, heard and discovered – each of us sharing our raw and unedited words, being entirely received and embraced by the tribe.

This is not fine art. This is more like fingerpainting.

Your writing may be the seeds for an important conversation you need to have with someone or with yourself. It may be the practice laps for greater compassion, greater self-awareness, greater freedom in your life overall.

Your writing may also be like a passing cloud. Here and then gone. But still worthy of noticing and beholding. This sacred time and space may just be the open window your soul needs every once in awhile – to feel expressed and boundless.


We gather a small tribe, either online or in person. I begin by leading us in a few exercises to become present, grounded and ready to write – a guided meditation, visualization and/or improvisation.

Next, I give you a carefully selected source of inspiration – a reading, a photograph perhaps. And from there, we use a slice of that inspiration to lead us forward into writing silently together for 10-15 minutes – sometimes less if time is running short. We write as fast as we can, with old fashioned pen+paper, never letting the pen leave the page – not stopping, judging or editing for any reason. We practice allowing and accepting the words that choose us.

After the writing, we read our work aloud or share it in a private forum. No critique, comments or crosstalk – only gratitude and pure love. We may repeat the writing/sharing process another time or two, depending on the pace of the group.

Best for men or women ages 18+


  • Continuous, freewriting can help uncover themes that are important to express
  • Writing quickly helps us push past the ego and inner critic
  • Permission to write badly or be messy frees us from the habit of perfectionism
  • Writing your true stories, your inner dialogue, your passing thoughts can feel very therapeutic & evoke new self-awareness
  • Being vulnerable and sharing yourself with a trusted circle yields intimacy, trust and ‘me-too-ness’
  • What you write may be the seeds of an important discovery, insight or conversation you need to have


  • One-Time workshops are each unique & include step-by-step guidance – come once or often at times that work best for you
  • Convenes online via Zoom, a private, virtual gathering using webcams & microphones – link & instructions provided in advance
  • Limited enrollment – 2-7 writers, unless noted otherwise
  • $37 USD each    or    $185 USD for 6PACK



  • Sunday, October 22nd, 2:30-4pm Central US now closed!





Would you like to arrange a closed, private virtual workshop for your team or small group?

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  • Offered just three times a year – each series a new, unique experience, so join them ALL
  • Your writing will deepen each week, as will your bond with this small, intimate tribe
  • Convenes online via Zoom, a private, virtual gathering using webcams & microphones
  • Limited enrollment – 2-7 writers
  • $185 USD

FALL SERIES – Virtual Via Zoom

September 22nd thru October 27th, 2017

Fridays, 9:30-11am Central US


WINTER SERIES        Mid-January thru February

SPRING SERIES        Mid-April thru May


Of Ink + Insight MEETUP

TriDistrict Community Education

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FALL 6 WK SERIES – Live & Local

A deep dive into Insight Writing with an intimate, supportive group of just 3-7 writers and offered only three times during the year with all new content, new prompts and new voices. Expect seats to disappear quickly for this very intimate and powerful experience.

Email me with any questions, to get a better sense of the benefits or to make sure this is right for you – cyn@coach-cyn.com – I’d love to set up a call to talk it over and get to know you!

  • September 22nd – October 27th
  • Six Fridays, 12:30-2:30pm Central US
  • Gather in my cozy home near Como Park
  • $197 USD


Give the GIFT of Ink & Insight – in $25 increments, never expires

Excellent Questions!

What if I'm not practiced at writing?
If you enjoy writing letters, a journal, silly little poems or stories – then you will absolutely enjoy Insight Writing. Insight Writing is not for perfecting or publishing. We just come as we are, let ourselves open and keep the pen moving. No need to edit or police your grammar. This is the one place where writing badly is encouraged and celebrated.
Do I have to share my writing?

Trust me when I say the reward for being vulnerable is too great to miss out on. This is about writing, but it is also about allowing yourself to be seen, heard and embraced by other imperfect human beings.

At a minimum, I would like you to share your writing with me, if you fele absolutely unable to share with the group. You may email your writing to me or send me a link to a recorded reading of your writing. I’ll return a heap of love and me-too-ness every time.

What if I run out of things to write about?

I’ll talk a little about this at the beginning of our time together and give you a few ways to keep the pen moving. I’ll offer you some alternative prompts each time we write, so if one isn’t leading into fertile territory, perhaps another will.

At any time, you are free to write about absolutely anything that feels compelling – veer off in another direction, make a list, write a letter or even describe what it feels like to run out of things to write about. Listen to the conversation that is ever-present in your heart and let those thoughts transform into words. Whatever you write is what needs to be said. Promise.

Will there be a recording of the events?

Though the sessions are recorded for internal review purposes only, I will not post a recording publicly. This is to ensure everyone feels safe to express themselves honestly and openly. So it’s very important you actually attend an event you have registered for or transfer your registration to another person who can attend in your place (just send me a message to arrange this).

When you share a post or recorded reading to our private, online forum (when one is offered), it cannot be automatically shared outside the group. Our community policy forbids anyone from reproducing your posts or writing in any way.

Will there be feedback about my writing?

While you will receive the gratitude and loving energy of the group after you share, there will be no judgment or suggestions or crosstalk. Every person is valued and we respect each other by keeping the momentum and freedom moving.

In our private, online forum (when one is offered), we keep feedback limited to only brief, positive reflections. If you would like to connect personally with another participant, it’s always a good idea to first ask them if they are open to discussing their writing. At times, what we write simply needs to be set free and not revisited – we honor that possibility with each other.

What happens if I need to cancel?

I’m happy to offer you an opportunity to reschedule for a future workshop if you cancel BEFORE your event takes place. Because there are no refunds for these live events, please be mindful when purchasing.

Very often, workshops are sold out. It will mean a lot to someone on a waiting list to take your place if you cannot attend. For this reason, I ask that you give me as much advanced notice as possible so I can arrange a switch. Your purchase receipt contains a link for canceling or rescheduling, but when in doubt, simply email me and I can handle everything for you.

If you’d like to transfer your workshop registration to a friend, just email me the new attendee’s information so I’m prepared to welcome them into the workshop and send them any pre-workshop details.


I cannot think of a better leader to take you into the depths of this work. Cynthia is a deep and natural writer. Work with her.

Laurie Wagner, 27powers.org

Writing with Cynthia, I'm repeatedly awed by her honesty. She reminds me of the wonder that surrounds us and that yes, it is possible to hold all the contradictions of this life by laying them down on the page: beauty, pain, silliness, small details. Cyn's got some real magic in her. And when you write with her, you'll realize you've got magic in you, too. 

Liz Culpepper, lizculpepper.com

There is no way to participate in one of your workshops without being struck by the love that unfolds. Inspired by the raw emotion, the vulnerability, the sheer awesomeness that emerges from the power of showing up fully.


Do yourself a favor and give yourself the gift of time to join a workshop.  If you are not an experienced journaler or writer, you will soon be enjoying the journey.  If this is not new to you, Cyn will take you to the next level of finding your inner voice.  Our group had a broad range of experience, so we learned from each other.  I quickly felt I was at "home" with a group of good friends.


My only concern was that, as a non-journaler, I would be staring at a blank page asking me “so, what are you feeling”.  What happened instead is that I was guided through a series of inspiring prompts that got my brain and heart moving.


The process of writing together in a supportive group was unlike anything I had done before. I felt lighter afterward like I had taken off a heavy backpack. This could be addicting!


Cyn gave me a pearl of wisdom, “You have to give yourself permission to not be perfect.  You have to give yourself permission to do things differently.  You have to give yourself permission…”  Words I will never forget!  From that moment on I had a shift in my thinking.




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