"The most regretful people on earth are those who felt the call to creative work, who felt their own creative power restive and uprising, and gave to it neither power nor time."

Mary Oliver

Ongoing Virtual & Live Workshops

On this adventure, we’ll ‘meet at the trailhead’ to do a little meditation and create some writing ‘firestarters’ together. We’ll get our bearings by listening to a poem or other source of inspiration.

From there, we write, each of us choosing a different path – no wrong way to go, just our own road ahead leading us through the forest of our stories, our thoughts, our truth.

When the writing is complete, we’ll ‘circle up around the fire’ to tell each other what we saw, heard and discovered – each of us sharing our raw and unedited words, being entirely received and embraced by the tribe.

This sacred time and space may just be the open window your soul needs every once in awhile – to feel expressed and boundless.

Returns April 2018!

Join me for a photography challenge to capture the extraordinary beauty in our ordinary lives.

This is a free, seasonal community project with a few basic rules, drawn from the mindful practice of Insight Photography. Together, we’ll capture images inspired by unique prompts I share, week by week, until we each have the 28 frames that tell the stories of our world.

This project challenges you to pause, become aware of the moment and what is calling to be noticed all around you. No orchestration, just real life coming into focus. Use any kind of camera, shoot each day or all at one time.

We’ll gather our images in a Facebook group or share with the world using our special hashtag.

Always with my eye on the horizon, I have a few things brewing for the months and year ahead…

Insight Photography E-course – an anytime course to teach you how to use photography as an active form of mindfulness

Yearlong Guided Memoir Program – if you ever had the thought that you might like to write a memoir, but also had the thought it would be too difficult or time-consuming, I’m creating a guided program to get you rolling and keep you capturing the stories of your lifetime. Projected launch – January 2018

Live & Local – scouting my community and beyond for ways to bring Insight Writing and Photography to in-person workshops and retreats. Currently looking for collaborators and partners and amazing venues! Please reach out if you’d like to connect.


I cannot think of a better leader to take you into the depths of this work. Cynthia is a deep and natural writer. Work with her.

Laurie Wagner, 27powers.org

Writing with Cynthia, I'm repeatedly awed by her honesty. She reminds me of the wonder that surrounds us and that yes, it is possible to hold all the contradictions of this life by laying them down on the page: beauty, pain, silliness, small details. Cyn's got some real magic in her. And when you write with her, you'll realize you've got magic in you, too. 

Liz Culpepper, lizculpepper.com

There is no way to participate in one of your workshops without being struck by the love that unfolds. Inspired by the raw emotion, the vulnerability, the sheer awesomeness that emerges from the power of showing up fully.


Do yourself a favor and give yourself the gift of time to join a workshop.  If you are not an experienced journaler or writer, you will soon be enjoying the journey.  If this is not new to you, Cyn will take you to the next level of finding your inner voice.  Our group had a broad range of experience, so we learned from each other.  I quickly felt I was at "home" with a group of good friends.


My only concern was that, as a non-journaler, I would be staring at a blank page asking me “so, what are you feeling”.  What happened instead is that I was guided through a series of inspiring prompts that got my brain and heart moving.


The process of writing together in a supportive group was unlike anything I had done before. I felt lighter afterward like I had taken off a heavy backpack. This could be addicting!


Cyn gave me a pearl of wisdom, “You have to give yourself permission to not be perfect.  You have to give yourself permission to do things differently.  You have to give yourself permission…”  Words I will never forget!  From that moment on I had a shift in my thinking.


- Writing with insight ebook-


Learn more about the practice of Insight Writing, how to begin, where to find inspiration, finding the flow, dealing with unexpected 'guests'.

Discover the hidden gifts of this powerful writing practice and of sharing your writing with a trusted tribe.

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