Enjoy the images and writings and recordings as they emerge – not filtered for only the best writing or only the ‘worthy’ photography. I give you what’s honest, the messy truth, a tiny slice of extraordinary beauty in my ordinary life.

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not much to say

Let me read it to you... I don’t have much to say. That’s how it begins most days. Should I write? I think how useless it is to write about the day – wake up, internet, eat, shower, work, eat some more, open mail, move around, fall back into bed. Why write about it?...

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it doesn’t have to be beautiful

Let me read it to you... It doesn’t have to be beautiful. That’s what I tell myself on Tuesdays when I have to go back to work. My hair gets washed, but then wrangled into a slop-knot, soaking wet, on the back of my head. I exfoliate the face and slather on the...

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Let me read it to you... I was still a smoker in 2005, the year I got married and was full of hope for the idea that there might be babies and new grandmas on the horizon. My mother had been begging me for years to quit, my husband somewhat passive aggressive about...

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prayer in my pocket

Let me read it to you... (inspired by Prayer In My Boot by Naomi Shihab Nye)   For the wind no one expected, the one that shook the autumn leaves free and for the man I saw raking leaves on that windy day, not at all looking frantic, looking quite zen as he pulled the...

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28 Frames of Mind

    Life buzzes with busy-ness. The mind whirls with wonder and worry. And Autumn comes and goes too quickly it seems (or Spring for all of you in the Southern hemisphere!). Mindfulness. We all need some. And silent meditation is not the only way to pause, focus and...

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random red

Let me read it to you... **adult language     sassy gingham apron red tender love poem red rosacea on my cheeks and décolletage red dried chili pepper in a beaded glass jar red vintage smoking jacket in the back of my closet red faded cowgirl boots I just had to have...

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the BIG write :: September 2017

It's September and I have that September feeling - memories of the flutter of returning to school and the dangers of being seen, being myself without all the disguises. Write-along with me using a line from a Cecilia Woloch poem and let's make this month a time of...

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of words

Let me read it to you...     a glimmer of words fireflies flickering flying above reach against a night sky competing with stars and a passing satellite   aimless dance of words they are here no, there to hold them in a jar is to keep them captive frightened, running...

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