I’m Cynthia Berg, aka Cyn. One of my favorite writing prompts is this: Here’s what I really want you to know…   So, let’s start there.

I’d like you to know that I’ve always been introspective.  My ability to learn, grow, change and recover from difficulty has been rooted in my ability to see inside and express what’s there – primarily through writing, art and photography. As an adult, practicing mindfulness and contemplative art has been a way to keep that creative window of self-awareness open, even at times when I’ve wanted to slam it shut and crawl under the covers.

I’d like you to know I’ve worked with over 1300 people in my coaching practice……many of them through their deep struggles with addiction and unhealthy coping behaviors. Along the way, I noticed a universal truth: If we cannot allow the energy of our thoughts and feelings to be freely expressed, that energy will become painful to hold. But when we begin to give ourselves the time, patience and compassion we really deserve, we become lighter, more free, more content. Something truly magical happens when we are fully expressed and allow ourselves to be seen by others.

I’d like you to know the ‘soup’ I’m cooking for you……contains a little mindfulness, a little coaching and a lot of contemplative and artistic expression. The workshops and experiences I create for you are healing, intimate and powerful. If you are already a writer or photographer, our gatherings will clear the way for even deeper self-inquiry. If you think of yourself as a beginner or ‘not creative,’ these experiences will help quiet the critical voice and give you freedom to grow into a practice that really nourishes you.

I REALLY want you to know that I do this work because……I am ruined for all other work after having done it for many years. In a way, all that I have written, every silly snapshot, my life thus far has been the training field for this work with you. I come to you as I am, a perfectly imperfect human. I won’t try to be your guru and will never, ever think of you as something that needs fixing. I do this work because there really is nowhere else I would rather be than by your side.


PS – A resume of qualifications & certifications or a media bio each available upon request.

Ask Me Anything

While I am not offering individual coaching packages right now, I really DO want to connect with you.

So instead of filling out an intake questionnaire, making a long-term agreement, slapping down a sizable chunk of cash – let’s just arrange to meet up for coffee for an hour (via Zoom or around the corner) and you can get all my loving attention for whatever seems to be burning in your heart at the time.

We can we can solve a problem, brainstorm opportunities, reframe a difficult situation. From me, you’ll get deep listening, reflective feedback, damn good questions to answer – all my coaching experience and skills at your disposal. Ask me anything – about writing, about business, about life. I’ll tell you what I know and the rest we’ll figure out together.

$49 USD for one hour, just you and me

I Am A Woman

(inspired by a poem by Gretchen Clark)

I am a woman who’s made many transitions, recovered from addiction, reinvented herself after divorce, changed careers, created a business. I am a woman who, when things go upside down, turns to meditation & writing to turn them upright again.

I am a woman who served in the Marine Corps (yes, really!) and knows how to follow AND lead, all in the same day. I am a woman who’s girly and quiet, cool and patient – but also a rifle expert and more stubborn-hard than hammer’d iron (Shakespeare).

I am a woman who loves spreadsheets and glitter, prefers the term ‘solo-spirited’ to the word ‘introvert.’ I’m a woman who’s studied psychology and business and coaching and nutrition. I’m a woman with a stack of books at her bedside, mostly poetry.

I’m a woman who lives in a hundred year old house on a tree-lined street in a corner of Saint Paul, Minnesota, with a grey Tabby cat sitting in the front porch window.

I’m a woman with an extra cup of tea and perch for your feet when you stop by.


I cannot think of a better leader to take you into the depths of this work. Cynthia is a deep and natural writer. Work with her.

Laurie Wagner, 27powers.org

Writing with Cynthia, I'm repeatedly awed by her honesty. She reminds me of the wonder that surrounds us and that yes, it is possible to hold all the contradictions of this life by laying them down on the page: beauty, pain, silliness, small details. Cyn's got some real magic in her. And when you write with her, you'll realize you've got magic in you, too. 

Liz Culpepper, lizculpepper.com

There is no way to participate in one of your workshops without being struck by the love that unfolds. Inspired by the raw emotion, the vulnerability, the sheer awesomeness that emerges from the power of showing up fully.


Do yourself a favor and give yourself the gift of time to join a workshop.  If you are not an experienced journaler or writer, you will soon be enjoying the journey.  If this is not new to you, Cyn will take you to the next level of finding your inner voice.  Our group had a broad range of experience, so we learned from each other.  I quickly felt I was at "home" with a group of good friends.


My only concern was that, as a non-journaler, I would be staring at a blank page asking me “so, what are you feeling”.  What happened instead is that I was guided through a series of inspiring prompts that got my brain and heart moving.


The process of writing together in a supportive group was unlike anything I had done before. I felt lighter afterward like I had taken off a heavy backpack. This could be addicting!


Cyn gave me a pearl of wisdom, “You have to give yourself permission to not be perfect.  You have to give yourself permission to do things differently.  You have to give yourself permission…”  Words I will never forget!  From that moment on I had a shift in my thinking.






CONTACT ME - cyn@coach-cyn.com


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