Life buzzes with busy-ness. The mind whirls with wonder and worry. And Autumn comes and goes too quickly it seems (or Spring for all of you in the Southern hemisphere!).

Mindfulness. We all need some. And silent meditation is not the only way to pause, focus and become present – to slow down time and our bodies in the name of noticing the extraordinary beauty in our ordinary lives. Mindfulness is a muscle and there are many ways to flex it.

I’ve created Insight Photography as an active form of mindfulness, one that strengthens a new way of seeing the world around us and ourselves. With openness, genuineness and presence (and any old camera), we can bring ourselves into connection with beauty, even in the moments that may, at first, seem broken or unembraceable.


Welcome to 28 Frames of Mind!

This is a free community project that I run a few times each year. Similar to other photo challenges you may have seen floating around, this one has a few bonus features —  but very few ‘rules.’

Each week, beginning on October 1st, I will post a set of seven prompts to Facebook and Instagram. You can follow me there and use your camera to pause, notice and capture anything at all the prompts inspire. October is a beautiful month to venture outside or within – a time of transition, of color, of groundedness.

HERE’S THE BONUS: Once a week for four weeks, you can get the set of seven prompts emailed to you, along with Insight Photography tips, plus a bonus writing prompt. I’ll also remind you how the project works and where to share your images and writing. This bonus content is totally free and won’t be posted online. You can only get it when you subscribe below.

You can join 28 Frames on Mind any time during the month of October. On October 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd, search #28FramesOfMind on Facebook or Instagram to find the weekly prompt lists. When you sign up for the bonus emails, the weekly messages will begin the day you subscribe and drop into your inbox each week after that.

Sign up for prompts, tips and bonus writing prompt is now closed – 28 Frames Of Mind returns April 2018!

28 Frames of Mind How-To

  • Use any camera you feel comfortable using – mobile device, a dslr, a disposable, a polaroid if you are lucky enough to have one…this isn’t a fine art project, it’s more like fingerpainting. It’s a freedom practice!
  • Use the seven prompts each week to capture images that elicit the essence of each prompt. This is highly subjective and individual – it can be anywhere on the continuum from literal to massively abstract. Enjoy the freedom!
  • Use one prompt per day or save them all up for a weekend treasure hunt – totally up to you!
  • Share one or all of your images. Use the hashtag #28framesofmind when you post on social media so we can find you.

Where To Share…

  • Join our private community on Facebook and share directly in a post.
  • Post your images and writings on a blog you create. Then give us a link (in the group or in the comments below) and let us know how to follow you.
  • Post your 28 Frames of Mind to your own social media channels with the hashtag #28framesofmind so we can find and follow you.
  • Create a personal scrapbook of your images and writing to keep and share with just your closest friends or family. This is a great family activity to do together!
  • Or if you are feeling quite private, just email your beautiful photos and writing to me We can let this be just between us or you may ask me to post your work anonymously in our community. While I won’t send you a critique, I will respond with a heart full of gratitude.


Sign up for prompts, tips and bonus writing prompt is now closed – 28 Frames Of Mind returns April 2018!


  1. Melissa Lombard

    What a beautiful project. I’ve never taken the leap in any other photo challenge…never really fancied myself a photographer I suppose. But you’ve presented this in a way that feels accessible, exciting and welcoming. Thanks Cyn! Excited to see what I see, and get a glimpse of life through the lens of others.

    • Cyn

      I’m thrilled you are here and going to explore this with me! xoxo


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